New in Talent Academy for February: Self-discovery, Messaging UI Improvements, Archive State and Customizable Dashboard

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Give control and gain insights with Role-based Course Self-discovery & Enrollment (Premium)

Whether it is self-paced learning, live instruction, pre-made templates, or your own course, all combinations are possible for your learners. By flagging the course for self-discovery, you can invite your learners to explore the additional learning products available to them on our learner portal and then decide which one to enroll in. They can do this based on their preferred roles and competencies. As the administrator, you have the power to approve or deny enrollment requests, ensuring that you stay in control of your licensing expenses.

This new feature allows learners to take control of their learning journey by browsing and enrolling in courses that have been marked for self-discovery and enrollment. They can filter the courses based on their preference, whether self-paced or instructor-led and find the perfect fit for their learning style. Once they submit their enrollment request, they will be notified of its status, whether it is accepted or denied. This new feature empowers learners to shape their own education and discover new opportunities.

Quick and easy access to all your messages 

It’s now easier for you to stay on top of all the discussions happening in your courses by merging direct messages and course discussions. Now, instead of having to go to each individual course to check the discussion forum, you can access all the course discussions from one centralized location, the “my messages” page, making it more convenient for you to stay engaged with your learners and keep track of any important conversation happening in your courses.


Lock your content using the Archive State 

The option to archive gives you the ability to lock down the course content and prevent any further changes from being made. Once a course is archived, all the actions such as “Edit Base Details, Tracks, Sections, Add Materials, Add Sessions” will be hidden and the course organizer won’t be able to make any further edits to the course.  

However, participants who have been assigned to the course will still have access to the course content, even if it is in an archived state. Keep in mind that once a course is archived, this action is irreversible and the course cannot be edited again.

This feature is useful to keep historical records of the courses or to keep a record of courses that are no longer active.

Customizable Dashboard

You can now rearrange the widgets on your dashboard so that the most valuable and relevant ones for your personal use cases are prominently displayed, while the ones that you don’t need can be hidden. This feature allows you to tailor the dashboard to your specific needs and make the most out of the available data.


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