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Our customer solutions team (CST) offer support across all our services in 6 languages 16 hours a day.

  • Order Management: Place your course orders with the CST.
  • Trainer Services: Request an instructor for your next course.
  • Printing & Shipping: Have materials printed and shipped to your classroom location.
  • Exams & Accreditations: Order exams and let us handle the accreditation requirements. If you already work with a set exam institute (EI), just let us know and we will facilitate all order for frameworks they offer through your preferred EI.
  • Pricing Information: CST can provide the pricing for any of the courseware in our library.
  • Invoicing: Have inquiries about your invoices or our invoicing policy? Ask the CST team and they will help you resolve any issues you may be facing.
  • TTTs: Is your instructor unfamiliar with the course you want to offer? Contact CST so they may arrange a Train-the-Trainer session for your instructor.
  • Marketing & Sales Support: The Customer Solutions Team also works with our channel marketing manager and marketing team to get you in touch with the right marketing and sales support for your upcoming courses.

The Service Desk is also available for running courses or any other issues you may be facing 24/7. They offer back-office support including technical issues with your orders and deliveries, in real-time.

Our portfolio includes over 1,000 titles some of which have been translated into over 12 languages.

What Others Say About Our Products & Services

  • The PRINCE2 TTT boot camp that I attended was very successful. In fact, I found it to be the most efficient and cost-effective way of working. The auditor had the opportunity to observe each of us during different parts of the training, which gave him a clear impression of our skills as a trainer. Being prepared for the in-depth interview that followed made us more confident, and helped to give a clear impression of our skills to the auditor. Taking the condensed TTT, with other PRINCE2 candidate trainers, allowed us to engage a top-class, principal trainer. In conclusion, I would do the training again, if needed.
    Peter GerritsenManaging Director Pepper Group
  • The PRINCE2 Agile approach successfully combines both the strong control inherent in the PRINCE2/PMBOK structure with the results driven Agile organization approach. The documentation related potential shortcomings of Agile are clearly addressed with the resulting synergy. The ITpreneurs Early Adopter 2-hour online TTT was a productive way of gaining first hand knowledge from an experienced practitioner. It was two hours very well spent!
    Kaya KazmirciManaging Director at Kazmirci Associates
  • As an analyst and developer of XBRL products, I think the certification has been a solid plus. The course materials were very engaging and I can see the extent effort employed in producing a well organized study material. I'm looking forward for the next level of certification.
    Perumaal KrishnarajFounder Director of Saspro Solutions
  • I’ve been working with ITpreneurs since 2006, when we jointly developed the COBIT training program. Working with them has enabled me to scale up incredibly. I’ve seen what ITpreneurs is capable of; creating the COBIT training market from scratch. I also benefit from their global network to venture into new business domains with my own consulting business.
    Gary HardyCEO IT Winners
  • I really got a lot out of the KT Foundation course. It goes way beyond most other methodologies at the foundation level in terms of providing practical application of the body of knowledge. The Donut Machine case study is very well designed and shows how easy it is to come to false conclusions when looking for the source of problems in complex systems when you don't apply such a structured approach to solving them. My experience and observations in the real world reinforces the fact that unstructured Problem Analysis really hurts the bottom line in most organizations. I would recommend the KT Foundation course to anyone who is interested to improve the quality of service and save cost.
    James DossFounder and Managing Director, SIAM Solutions, Ltd, UK
  • Resilia, the latest best practice from AXELOS, offers organizations the ability to cut across their entire workforce and structure to create a better understanding of their security posture, prepare for and withstand the impact of a potential cyber incident. It considers the people and their roles, process and technology considerations for everyone from operations to executives to understand the risks, opportunities and create strategies and plans. The course offers an insight into Resilia for everyone from Cyber specialists to non-IT Types and provides the critical information previously shared normally across the technical community. Resilia, and ultimately their Pathway tool which will integrate across the entire AXELOS portfolio, helps organizations and consultants to visualize the best practice, analyze the environment, and provide the road-maps necessary to monitor and measure progress towards strategic business resiliency goals. Training is the basis for sharing a common understanding so that all may begin their transformation journey.
    George JuddDirector Cask

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