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300.000 professionals enjoy ITpreneurs courses

The Materials to Drive Innovation

Training is not about learning itself, but about meeting actual business goals, and gaining the skills needed to achieve them. Choose from industry-leading courses that cater to various learning styles to ensure better comprehension and immediate practical application of new-gained knowledge.

A Model for Corporate Capability

In-demand courses across 50+ subjects, developed by the world's top experts, curated and endorsed by dozens of leading organizations. Enable a global roll-out, unified experience and scalability while offering learners a personalized learning plan with skills that fit their role.

ROI Driven Learning Solutions

Industry-leading learning interventions allow for efficient, high-value training programs. Modular learning blocks present a flexible and meaningful learning experience that helps to understand, pass the certification exam, and apply the knowledge gained in the work environment.

Maximize the Budget and the Benefits

Pay-as-you-go, always up-to-date courses providing job-specific abilities to help upskilling, radical improvements in the effectiveness, reach, and cost-effectiveness of learning programs that allow for anyplace, anytime learning. 

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