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Posts by Danny Greefhorst

More Focus On Business Architecture In TOGAF

A new version of TOGAF®, the Open Group standard for enterprise architecture, has recently been released. The TOGAF standard, version 9.2 brings a number of changes and improvements. An important change is the restructuring of TOGAF into a core and a number of additional guides, which together form the TOGAF Body of Knowledge. A general…

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Say What? Misconceptions about Architecture and Communication

As an enterprise-architecture professional you are able to create models that perfectly describe any reality. However, if you want people to actually understand you, a simple model that might not be 100% correct is probably a better idea. Here’s why. Enterprise Architecture and Communication An important aspect of enterprise architecture is communication. Ensuring that people…

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Agile, TOGAF and Enterprise Architecture: Will They Blend?

Do you provide training or consulting around TOGAF, Agile, or Scrum? Then you’ve probably gotten questions like is enterprise architecture still relevant when we do Agile? and what is the role of an enterprise architect in an Agile organization?. Let me show you how you can blend various frameworks to increase your business and offer…

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Data Should Just Be Available!

There is an increasing focus on data. Big Data is a concrete manifestation, but also just a tip of the iceberg. In general, there is an increasing amount of data, both within organizations as well as in the world as a whole. IT has been an important catalyst in the explosion of data; by automating…

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Architecting the Family: TOGAF® & Major IT Frameworks

Organizations need a concerted approach to change. This is where enterprise architecture and TOGAF comes in. Enterprise architecture is at the heart of change, providing a set of tools and techniques that make the strategy concrete, showing employees what is really expected from them and architecting the Family guiding the necessary changes. The alignment of…

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