Auslyn Group Transforms Educational Services Using ITpreneurs Materials

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Auslyn Group, headquartered just outside of Denver Colorado, started in 2006. Auslyn aims to be the provider for high-quality education and consulting services to a manageable group of customers across a variety of vertical markets. This allows for a more strategic relationship and long term growth. Mike Vikdal, President of the Auslyn Group explains:

We have been with ITpreneurs for over 14 years and during those years we found the partnership to be very solid. It truly was an easy decision to continue to develop the relationship between the two companies.


Auslyn Group focuses on what it knows best and that is the market’s most popular and demanding practices of ITIL, DevOps, LeanIT in addition to “Gamified Learning Simulation”. This is an area where they truly excel and which allows them to provide their customers with much greater experience.

During my tenure with my previous employer and with Auslyn Group, we have had the opportunity to gain exposure with many other providers. Again, it didn’t take long before we knew we were working with the correct content provider. ITpreneurs has truly done a great job engaging with partners in the development of the content. This allowed for a better understanding of what training partners such as ourselves and our customer would like to see in the content. This means that the content is  more robust and easy to understand manual for all of our students, without deviating from the needs of the course.


Auslyn has worked with ITpreneurs on developing content that engages the customer in the topic at hand. Auslyn took this approach a step further by including their ITIL courses with an experiential session as well which truly drives home the value of ITIL practices for the student and as a quicker potential adoption of the practice outside the classroom.

The perfect training picture for Auslyn Group would be to fully understand our customer’s needs ahead of any training being provided.

Ideally, we tailor the training needs to align with our customer’s strategic objectives modifying or tailoring the message to the customer’s specific needs during the course in order for the class and content to resonate that much more for greater value add. ITpreneurs’ content goes above and beyond just simply addressing any specific syllabus. The content captures the student’s attention from a visual aid perspective as well as an interactive perspective allowing them to gain greater value once they leave the classroom. The content also references future use as the student grows in their ITSM experiences.

Using high-quality training materials allows Auslyn to focus on delivering more value through strategic relationships.

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