Why Your Clients Don’t Need IT Training [Bingo]

Which reasons do clients give when they say No to IT training? That’s a question we wanted to have an answer to. See, we ensure our training partners have access to courseware and exams. But if our partners are not able to convince their clients they need training, there’s no point in having courseware at all. So why do our partner’s clients say no?

The Rejections

To answer this question, we asked our training partners, instructors and consultants about which rejections they often hear. We received a lot of helpful responses. After going through all of them, we identified 24 frequently used rejections.

Here they are, in no order of importance.

  1. Our people don’t need training
  2. We’re too busy for IT training right now
  3. We don’t see the ROI
  4. There’s no budget budget
  5. We have other priorities
  6. It’s not strategic
  7. We already work with another supplier
  8. Someone’s cheaper
  9. Too much downtime
  10. We tried that, and nothing here changed
  11. The courses offered don’t meet our needs
  12. We do all of our training internally
  13. I expect my staff knows their stuff.
  14. We already trained everybody
  15. My folks use self study
  16. We have a tied contract with our home supplier
  17. Technology will solve it
  18. We have a tool for that
  19. We have our own L&D department
  20. Interesting, but not for our department
  21. There so much free online stuff
  22. Our people teach each other
  23. That takes too much time
  24. Our employees don’t want training

Practice Makes Perfect

Having been on a few sales training courses myself, I know first hand how important it is to practice having a response to these 24 rejections.

Positioning (or selling) a product or service becomes a lot easier if you know what people are going to say because you can have a response ready. When was the last time you received a call from a sales person wanting you to switch to another utility provider / cable company / mobile operator? Usually it’s all scripted and although I personally don’t like it, if you do it well, it will work in you favor.

To help you overcome the rejections, we’ve listed them on sheet you can print out, below.


Now What?

Share the bingo sheet with your colleagues. It’s fun to challenge them to think about how to position IT training. You can initiate an engaging role-play with your sales teams and use the sheet to guide you in evaluating the roadblocks to training. Or, simply review it to see which ones you recognize. Have any other rejections we haven’t listed, let us know.

If you cannot create a compelling answer to overcome these rejections, you have a problem you need to fix. Either change what it is you offer, or start fishing in a different pond (here’s a white paper we developed about 10 missed opportunities by training providers) but I’m pretty sure that if you think long and hard, you will come up with response for each of the 24 rejections.



Corjan Bast
Corjan is a creative innovation specialist, disguised as a Marketing Manager as part of the ITpreneurs marketing team. He started asking “why” at the age of four and has never stopped asking since. He strives to continuously improve the marketing efforts at ITpreneurs and is a strong advocate of “humanizing the brand”. He’s an active runner, cyclist and sailor and lives in Leiden, the Netherlands.