Cyber Resilience – Evaluating Relevance of RESILIA

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Let me highlight why I believe the recently announced RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience best practices portfolio by AXELOS is relevant for organizations to consider.

Value of Well Designed and Coordinated Response

Given the rise of cyber threats that commercial, nonprofit and governmental organizations are encountering, there is an increasing focus and investments being made towards prevention. However, as with most perpetual threats that we encounter in various facets of personal and professional domains, besides prevention, we need to worry equally about our response when we do get cyber attacked. That’s where Cyber Resilience is so relevant. It helps increase our preparedness as an organization with a well-designed and coordinated response we need to provide in such cases. Just like emergency services and disaster management units around the world do their drills and exercises, the cyber attack drills, and associated preparedness needs to become part of every organization’s ongoing activities. And that’s where RESILIA contains a lot of good guidance.

A Solution from the Owners of the World’s Most-Used Incident Response Framework

And who better to provide this guidance than the organization which owns the world’s most used incident response framework. Just like ITIL is the defacto global standard for IT departments to use to organize the delivery and support of IT services, I see the same need in preparing organizations to counter the cyber incidents, which is the space RESILIA promises to fulfill.

So, if you are a consulting or a training provider, you should definitely consider RESILIA and the value it intends to provide and see if it fits your portfolio. There are probably numerous examples of cyber incidents where a set of good practices that RESILIA provides would have helped organizations provide a better response than they were prepared or organized for. And with the number of cyber threats and incidents increasing, RESILIA could serve the need of the hour for many organizations.


RESILIA is a cyber resilience best practices portfolio that provides guidance to organizations to resist, respond and recover from cyber threats. The Cyber Resilience Best Practice Guide which is part of RESILIA offers practical information for IT and business staff to better understand the risks and benefits of cyber resilience. Users gain practical guidance on assessing, deploying and efficiently managing good cyber resilience within business operations.
As is already widely understood, investing in technology alone and leaving security matters to the IT department does not work anymore. Cyber resilience is about a unified effort involving people, processes, and technology.

RESILIA is intertwined with the ITIL service lifecycle approach and is well aligned with the ITIL framework. The guidance in RESILIA is also aligned with security and resilience guidance included in other well known and practiced standards such as NIST, ISF and ISO 27001.

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