Designing ITIL Practitioner Courseware – An Artistic Journey!

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First and foremost, being a lead author of a certified course of any kind is primarily about being a facilitator of other experts in the field of interest. It’s about garnering their content, thought patterns, and experience. This combined is used to weave a story that produces a course which enables individuals to apply the knowledge and create their own reality.

Developed by practitioners for practitioners, this course is the outcome of the need to address the challenges faced by ITSM professionals, teams and organizations in their improvement initiatives while adopting and adapting the ITIL Framework. It, therefore, follows the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) model.

ITpreneurs has put together a team consisting of ITIL and learning innovation experts, supported by a review board consisting of ITIL leaders from around the world. The portfolio will be available for licensing to coincide with the launch of the ITIL Practitioner certification by AXELOS Global Best Practice.

Full of interactive assignments, tools, checklists and guidance on how to make the improvement changes happen, participants will learn to describe, explain and distinguish between the various elements to being an ITIL Practitioner and practice solving, calculating and applying the knowledge and techniques to a realistic scenario. In addition, this course will include a toolkit and a continuous learning track to cement the learning within this course but also as an ongoing learning and application journey.

Realistic Vision or Realistic Expectations

The design intent of ITpreneurs’ ITIL Practitioner is about putting theory into practice. You can also see this when looking at the learning objectives of the course:

  • Understand the IT Service Management Concepts that are important drivers of continual service improvement
  • Be able to apply the ITSM guidance principles in a real-world context
  • Be able to apply the CSI approach to manage improvements in a given organizational context
  • Be able to use measurements and metrics to enable continual improvement
  • Understand how to communicate effectively to enable continual service improvement
  • Be able to apply organizational change management to support continual improvement

We all understand that meeting an exam requirement is a must, but if you are a trainer or organization only interested in getting your students to pass an exam, you fail to understand the intention behind the creation of ITIL Practitioner.

The key is you are developing an improved and/or new enabled workforce for the future of ITSM. Hear from Kaimar Karu, Head of ITSM at AXELOS discuss his views on ITIL Practitioner, and how he thinks the new qualification will help both ITSM practitioners and organizations.

The expectation – which is somewhat unrealistic – of many organizations is to have their people return from a training course with the ability to practically apply the knowledge they have absorbed. Passing an exam (although a necessary first step), does not always equip an individual participant with the ability to apply that knowledge with the wisdom required. However, members of the ITpreneurs design team, which I’m part of, are very excited by the prospect of what the syllabus and our course design of ITIL Practitioner offers.

What the ITpreneurs ITIL Practitioner Courseware is About

The ITpreneurs design team has years of practical experience in different organizations, industries, and cultures. It has taken the draft syllabus from the AXELOS Architect’s team and is formulating a course completely different in delivery style to the other ITIL courses. Yes, it meets the need for syllabus competency and answering exam questions but it is also so much more than that.

We have talked and listened to the AXELOS architect team and the commentary within the various ITSM forums. Then, like an artist, we created a tableau that expresses their vision in a realistic learning experience. Why? To make a positive difference to both the individual participant and their organization when returning to a real word situation.

The course will put a strong emphasis on the CSI approach, the guiding principles, and critical competencies such as:

  • Communication,
  • Measurements & metrics,
  • Organizational change management – the ability of the individual to truly understand and engage in the activities that are required to begin the adoption and adaptation of the ITIL framework.

Not a Death by Powerpoint Course

Important to note is that the ITIL Practitioner courseware will NOT be ‘death by PowerPoint’. There are far fewer slides than any other ITIL course you have experienced. That in itself is an incredible accomplishment given the nature of what has been previously experienced with the ITIL course framework.


No matter where you are in your own organization’s story, there is a past, present, and future. The ITpreneurs’ ITIL Practitioner course begins with a story, taking the participant, the business, and ultimately the customer on a journey. This journey is based on a realistic scenario most people have experienced. The scenario incorporates all aspects of the AXELOS syllabus and focusses on the architect team’s intent. We are engaged in various delivery styles and learning techniques to enable participants with different skills to bring life to their organizations’ vision.

I will leave you with a very important and notable point: if you have ever wished, complained, or commented on the necessity of training to be more practical to ensure better value, ROI, and realistic outcomes for both the individual and/or organization, then now is your opportunity to make a difference.

We are in creation mode … the artists are at work and ITpreneurs is giving you the opportunity of a progress viewing.

About the author

Simone Jo Moore
Framework Mixologist & Human API, Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Writer

Honored to be recognized as a Top 25 industry thought leader, contributing author to VeriSM Unwrapped and Applied as well as ITIL4 High-Velocity IT and a Lead Author for ITIL4 course content.

Thought-provoking and relevant, I like to probe the hearts and minds of businesses and IT, finding out what makes them tick and jumpstarting people’s thinking to evolve behavior and actions at any level. People connected, knowledge shared, possibilities discovered and potential realized is my active values and through these, help you articulate your vision, enable smoother transitions and form a resilient foundation on which you can drive your business forward in this fast-paced digital world.

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