Getting started with ITIL® 4

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ITIL 4 provides guidance to organizations on how to address service management challenges optimally using the potential of modern technology. In order to fully maximize the potential of ITIL 4 for organizations a need for training arises. To satisfy the demand for knowledge on ITIL 4 training organizations are planning to deliver ITIL 4 programs across the world.

How do I get started with ITIL 4

The process to get started with ITIL 4 is straightforward, and ITpreneurs can support you in this journey. ITpreneurs works with AXELOS, Peoplecert and a large community of industry experts to ensure you can start delivering training programs on ITIL, or can start training your teams.

Have a look at the following flowchart that outlines the easy steps to get started with ITIL.

Getting started with ITIL 4 for training your own teams

ITIL 4 is exciting and brings a new understanding of how service management works in the digital era. If you want to run a training program yourself, to train your team, ITpreneurs can help.

How? We provide you with everything you need to run training programs in-house: the materials, the exams, training of your trainers, or a trainer from our network. We provide all the ingredients for you to cook dinner when you want to do the cooking yourself.

When you want to run training courses, there is nothing you need to do. When working through us, we ensure the AXELOS requirements are being met and adhered to.  

Getting started with ITIL 4 as a Commercial Training Company

If you are a training company that wants to offer ITIL 4 training, there is a distinct set of rules to take into account. AXELOS has created these rules to ensure every ITIL training is a quality ITIL training. In short, you have to register and meet specific criteria when you want to offer ITIL to the market. You have to decide if you want to work as an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), or as an Affiliate.

Below is a table that explains the key differences between being an ATO and an Affiliate – when working with ITpreneurs.

In case you are an ATO already, it’s quite simple to get started with ITpreneurs. You need to inform Peoplecert of this, and can start using our courseware immediately. When you sign up as a new Affiliate with ITpreneurs, we help you complete a registration form, and following the positive feedback from Peoplecert you are on your way!

What is next?

So where do you go next? If you like one of the options presented above, you are more than welcome to get started immediately. ITpreneurs works with EdCast Marketplace in delivering products and services to the market. EdCast Marketplace allows you to register as an Organization or as a Commercial Training Company (ATO or Affiliate). If you would rather talk to one of our team members, please let us know at

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