Glumin Networks Collaborates with ITpreneurs to Develop IT Best Practices Training in Mexico

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Keeping up with the evolving demands of a large market such as Mexico is not easy. Glumin Networks found in ITpreneurs the best partner to provide the flexibility and reliability needed.

Glumin Networks was founded in 2006, with the vision of incorporating entrepreneurial programs in Mexican school curricula. The intention was to do so all the way from elementary to higher education. After leading a series of collaborative initiatives around the Web 2.0 paradigm for years, in 2013, Glumin shifted its focus to the next level: professional training.

At the head of Glumin is Gualajara-native Managing Director and Chief Reinvention Officer Jorge Blanco. With experience providing training and consultancy for Pink Elephant Mexico and an extensive background as an academic professor for universities such as Tecnológico de Monterrey, Jorge was responsible for bringing Glumin to the forefront of IT Best Practices training in Mexico.

Shortly after realigning its focus in professional training, and in a timely fashion, Jorge is introduced to ITpreneurs by a close associate. As the years that followed would show, establishing an organization as a regional leader in the training of IT Best Practices demands being in constant tune with the expectations of the market. Indeed, the rise to prominence can only occur when curating a strong network of expert trainers and consultants. As importantly, a flexible approach to address unpredictable business environments needs to be maintained.

Seeking a Balance Between Cost and Quality

Glumin witnessed very early on a race-to-the-bottom trend taking place industry-wide. This was not an easy obstacle to surpass on its own. In a market where competitors are willing to sacrifice quality standards for the sake of extraordinarily low prices, new solutions need to be found. Only then can profit be maximized. Once it became clear that a comprehensive solution to this challenge had to be found, Jorge started comparing the multiple solutions on the table.

A few things were clear from very early on. Glumin had to partner with a reliable ATO (Accredited Training Organization) for courseware and exams. This was certain, even prior to becoming acquainted with ITpreneurs, This was seen as a necessary prerequisite to carry on growing and keep pushing things forward. In addition to that, Glumin had to ensure it provided customers the quality of delivery and courseware expected while simultaneously offering competitive prices.

Good Communication as the Cherry on Top of the ITIL Solution Cake

Once introduced to ITpreneurs, Glumin had found the most competitive, yet quality-preoccupied solution available. The ITIL-related products (then still V3) had exactly the up-to-date content required to improve market reach.

Jorge claims this was the conversation-starter but that it was the promise of good constant communication that sealed the deal. “ITpreneurs not only offered the solution I was looking for but also agreed on putting the emphasis on communication. We needed to make the time zone difference between Mexico and ITpreneurs’ HQ in The Netherlands count as little as possible. What matters the most when building long-term relationships is how much effort both parts put into the relationship, after all. Thankfully, ITpreneurs have met Glumin Networks expectations since early on”.

Reaching New Audiences With an Eye to the Future

Glumin grew to deliver a significantly larger number of portfolios since then. ITIL, DASA, and Lean IT are only a few of the frameworks for which Glumin is now certified and accredited to deliver.  In Jorge’s view, there’s one more aspect of the ITpreneurs offering that made it easier to take things forward: “the selection of Select, Pro and Premium versions at different price points allowed us to reach audiences that we would otherwise struggle to attract”.

If there is one thing that never changes, regardless of how tumultuous times are, is the utmost importance of the interpersonal element of partnerships. There are many benefits of having been building a relationship for over five years that are still being reaped by both sides. The frequent feedback and strong sense of initiative from Glumin has allowed ITpreneurs to carry on revising its strategy and looking for new solutions to ever-changing markets.

“I don’t think anyone knows exactly what the future of IT training holds. That’s why it’s so important to be strategic about partnerships. I’m optimistic our collaboration with ITpreneurs will carry on being of mutual benefit. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to becoming resilient to the new challenges we are sure to face in the future” Jorge concludes.

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