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The ITIL Practitioner certification has been released by AXELOS. Our partners have shown a lot of interest in our ITIL Practitioner training materials for this new certification. A question we get a lot is what type, of course, we’ve developed.

Practical and Scenario-Based Training Materials

To answer the question: We’ve developed a practical and scenario-based course for ITIL Practitioner. One of the reasons for it is that we believe it fits well with the practical nature of the new certification.

Nobody wants a death by powerpoint course for a practical course like ITIL Practitioner, but what’s the alternative? Welcome, scenario based learning!

Ellen Schuurink, Portfolio Innovation Manager at ITpreneurs

Lecture-Based versus Scenario-Based

Ellen explained that whether to create a scenario-based course or not depends a lot on the syllabus. With foundation-level courses, there’s a lot of theory and knowledge which have to be transferred to the learner, usually as a result of the syllabus. In that case, lecture-based training, including examples, cases, and assignments, is helpful to understand all the theories.

In the case of a practitioner-level course, the learners will have to practice what they are going to bring to the workplace. It’s essential for them to actually use the templates and the tools which they will use when they are back at work. Therefore, a scenario-based approach is needed.

We’re trying to help people with practical skills, with something very tangible they can do. The learning experience that creates that should therefore be highly interactive and highly practical in nature. No talking heads, or slide intensive learning but case studies, scenarios and real world problems and challenges.

Lou Hunnebeck, Independent Consultant (and AXELOS ITIL Practitioner Architect Team Member)

Simone Jo Moore, ITpreneurs Master Trainer, has been part of the development team at ITpreneurs working on the ITIL Practitioner training materials. She recently wrote on her blog about the development philosophy and that much of it is a result of the inputs from the AXELOS Architect Team.

We have talked and listened to the AXELOS architect team and the commentary within the various ITSM forums. Then, like an artist, we created a tableau that expresses their vision in a realistic learning experience. Why? To make a positive difference to both the individual participant and their organization when returning to a real word situation.

Simone Jo Moore, ITpreneurs Master Trainer

You can find various interviews online with the AXELOS architect team members. If you listen to the various interviews with AXELOS architect team members, it also becomes clear that choosing a scenario-based course is the way to go.

For example, during the interview with Stuart Rance, Owner of Optimal Service Management stresses the fact that ITIL Practitioner focuses on practical use:

ITIL Practitioner provides learners the opportunity to practice and then be able to demonstrate to potential employers that they have understanding of practical stuff, rather than having learnt a lot of facts.

Stuart Rance, Owner of Optimal Service Management

Kaimar Karu, Head of ITSM at AXELOS sums it up nicely:

In 2015, I said the future for ITIL was bright; this year, with the launch of ITIL Practitioner, it’s also more practical.

Kaimar Karu, Head of ITSM at AXELOS

ITIL Practitioner Training Materials

We released the ITIL Practitioner training materials in early February and since then, ITpreneurs partners have scheduled and delivered courses using the training materials we’ve to build. The first students have already passed the exam.

Oh, and there’s an added benefit for your trainers who deliver the course: It’s a lot of fun to teach, thanks to the role-plays and cases, no delivery is the same.

ITIL Practitioner – Fun to teach and fun to be part of.

Everybody wins.

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