Obtaining the Right Skills for Professional-Level Cloud Computing

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The right skills for professional-level cloud computing involve both a technical and business perspective. Organizations today use a mix of cloud and hosted solutions that the IT professional and the business must navigate. Professional-level cloud certifications bridge the gap between technical cloud certification and practical business outcomes.

Cloud computing operates as a service lifecycle—from searching and selection of a cloud solution or service—to consuming, running and maintaining that service. IT has been radically changed by the phenomena of cloud (Figure 1) impacting both the technology and enterprise domains: user experience, operations, buying and procurement of business. Cloud has also changed the required skills for technology professionals across a spectrum of roles ranging from architect, developer, administrator, security management and service management to different roles engaged in business. To maximize the potential of cloud today, IT professionals need the right level of skills in business and technology. These include foundation knowledge and skills to professional practitioner techniques that can best meet the needs of the enterprise and the individual.

This is further described in the white paper ‘Professional Cloud Solutions and Service Practices’. It discusses how training provides invaluable practical knowledge and examples for different IT roles by offering an independent vendor perspective.

More information on the professional cloud courses is available in the ITpreneurs Course Catalog.

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Mark Skilton
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University Professor at Warwick Business School and Head of Innovation Research international projects at Enzen Global in Artificial Intelligence, automation, Blockchain BCT DLT, Internet of Things IoT, Cybersecurity, business transformation strategy. Advisor to corporates, startups, VCs, Incubators, Academic Institutions, and Governments. Multi-book author. Keynote speaker and strategic advisor. 35 year experienced professional consultant held senior IT Director roles, worked 20 countries, 1500 clients all industry sectors. Advised CxO, lead building teams strategy to implementation. Invited subject matter expert to the UK Government House of Commons and House of Lords and EU Commission advisor on Robotics and AI Impact Policy.

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