The Best 25 Tools And Apps Used By Remote Learners

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The rate of adoption of new technologies in our day-to-day lives seems to have exponentially increased in the past decade. With the increasing necessity to adapt to remote work and learning, this trend became even more prevalent. This has led to an urgent need to look for new tools that capitalize on the benefits of the latest technology and minimize the downsides of not having real 1-to-1 interaction.

The number of different tools and apps available out there, however, can be intimidating. That’s why we’ve decided to work on a no-frills go-to list of the tools and apps that matter. While this is not a be-all and end-all list of relevant tools, it mentions a few of the most reliable and efficient ones. Some of them have seen widespread use for years, others gained popularity in the last few months and a few are still relatively obscure. What they all have in common with one another is their potential to make the life of remote learners easier. The majority of them offer both free and premium services for different degrees of usage.

Video Conferencing

Adobe Connect
Purpose: More than a simple videoconferencing platform, it includes a number of recording and editing tools for the more demanding user.
Price: Paid


Google Meet
Purpose: A straightforward yet very convenient tool, particularly for learners who use Google Calendar and need to quickly schedule new calls.
Price: Paid
Purpose: A life-saver for learners with peers from different timezones and who need long-distance video conferences.
Price: Free


YouTube Live
Purpose: A great tool to run a Livestream with an interactive chatbox.
Price: Free


Purpose: The industry standard for video conferencing.
Price: Free; Paid


Google Chats
Purpose: A basic yet efficient messaging app. It’s particularly useful for learners already used to G Suite.
Price: Paid


Microsoft Teams
Purpose: A messaging platform useful to those who attribute great importance to file storage and application integration.
Price: Free; Paid


Purpose: A communication app separating channels into searchable conversational threads.
Price: Free; Paid

Online Whiteboards

Explain Everything
Purpose: Developed to make things easy to present, sketchnote, create videos, and work together in a single platform.
Price: Free; Paid


IPEVO Annotator
Purpose: A handy tool utilize the potential of interactive whiteboards with a series of annotation utensils.
Price: Free


Purpose: Arguably the best online collaborative platform for more professional-looking whiteboards.
Price: Free; Paid


Purpose: An increasingly popular digital workspace for visual collaboration.
Price: Paid


Purpose: The collaborative brainstorming platform per excellence.
Price: Free; Paid

Cloud Storage

The three following cloud storage services are very similar to one another with the great differentiator being the price point at the different levels of storage capacity needed by users.

Price: Free; Paid


Google Drive
Price: Free; Paid


Microsoft OneDrive
Price: Free; Paid

Project Management

Purpose: One of the most renowned platforms to track the workflow of daily recurring tasks and collaborative projects.
Price: Free; Paid


Purpose: One of the most sophisticated and flexible work operating systems to plan, run, and track remote work.
Price: Paid


Purpose: To-do lists to help task management.
Price: Free; Paid


Purpose: A Kanban board-style that greatly contributes to visualizing learners’ workflow.
Price: Free; Paid


Purpose: A fantastic tool to collaboratively edit images and videos online. It’s particularly useful when working on group projects.
Price: Paid


Purpose: A visual commenting platform designed to easily obtain digital feedback on your work.
Price: Free


Purpose: A screen recording software to be used in the browser.
Price: Free; Paid


Purpose: Easy-to-use tool to create and share screencasts.
Price: Free; Paid



Purpose: The go-to all-in-one app for remote work – useful for time tracking and productivity monitoring within classes.
Price: Free; Paid


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