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“And the winner is …” capturing the hiring and recruiting activities that occurred on LinkedIn during 2015, data scientist, Sohan Murthy found Cloud and Distributed Computing to be the hottest skills demanded in the market. “In many ways, 2015 could be seen as the year cloud and distributed computing graduated from a niche skillset to a more prominent skillset in the global workforce.commented Sohan Murthy in his article.

At ITpreneurs, we have also seen the accelerated adoption of our training content in relation to Cloud Computing in 2015 and entering into 2016. If you want to broaden your training offerings in cloud computing, how do you get started?

A Few Suggestions to Broaden Your Training Offerings in Cloud Computing

CCC Cloud Technology Associate (CTA) course is an excellent way to prepare professionals who are considering cloud computing in their organizations. Participants report that this training allows them to better communicate with their peers on cloud benefits and risks and that they are in a better position to evaluate vendor proposals for cloud computing.

CCC Professional Cloud Series: As a training provider, you have the opportunity to build the cloud-proficient capabilities of a client’s IT team in key job roles. They are business-focused, focusing on how the cloud fits into business goals and strategies and takes a ‘whole-business’ perspective. And vendor-neutral complementary for learners who have previous vendor-based Cloud training.

CCC Big Data Foundation (BDF) course provides a detailed understanding of Big Data and Data Mining concepts. Learners gain knowledge on how to install and manage Big Data processing environments based on Hadoop or MongoDB.

To support the training business to meet the rising demands for cloud training in their markets, we have been offering the early-adopter Train-the-Trainer (TTT) webinars. Each session has attracted interest from between 100 to 200 trainers worldwide. These virtual TTTs are two-hour sessions in which our master trainer will explain how to use the ITpreneurs courseware components, and provide a walk-through of the training components.

Are you ready to add cloud computing training to your portfolio?

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