Video-Based Learning is HOT!

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The use of the video as a learning tool is one of the three major trends that will influence the IT best practice training industry in the coming years. Why video? First of all, we all like or even love videos. Over 6 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube every month! That’s almost an hour for every person on earth. It’s the combination of audio and visuals that attracts us so much—short clips with a clear objective—and they’re easy to consume. Secondly, video is becoming easier (and cheaper) to produce and publish. And, finally, learners expect to see videos as part of a training method.

All sorts of videos are watched for different purposes, some examples include enjoying a funny cat, learning how to change a flat tire, or understanding what TIPA is. You can already tell that the flat tire and the TIPA videos will be more educational. So, how does one make a good educational video… that can be incorporated into the learning experience?

Let me explain more about video-based learning in the video!

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About the author

Ellen Schuurink
Digital Learning Environment Manager

Ellen studies the art of learning. Being a cognitive psychologist, she has the background and knowledge of the science of learning. Having the theoretical knowledge on how the brain works, how we store information and how we retrieve information helps her design and conceptualize innovative learning products. With her creative mind and feel for technology, she is able to turn concepts into products.

As an independent consultant, I advise and support organizations in developing and implementing learning experiences.

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