What Do Renting Cars and Professional Courseware Have in Common?

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For almost twenty years now, ITpreneurs has developed professional courseware for ITIL and a lot has happened during these years. To ITIL and also to the way people perceive professional education. When we started in 2001, we believed the market was fully ready for ITIL eLearning. How wrong were we back then and within 6 months we also offered classroom-based courses to the market.

Two decades have gone past and ITIL has evolved from V2 to V4, and the learning market has evolved as well. As a leader in the training industry, we are therefore introducing more versions of ITIL Foundation courseware to the market than we have ever done. In total, we are releasing 9 versions of our ITIL Foundation course. Here is why.

The analogy

Let’s take a car hire company as an analogy to explain why we are doing this. Take for example a fictitious company called Axle Car Hire, with 400 employees a small-sized but global operation. Customers come to Axle for various reasons.

  • Yoshi, a university student hires cars to attend festivals and only needs the car to take her from A to B, nothing else.
  • Faruq does not own his own car, and when he travels, he is looking for a premium car and fast service. A rental car is an alternative to buying his own car, and as a result, it should deliver a lot more value to him than owning a car.
  • Amelia is a business user, and she and her team use rental cars to visit customers. As a result, her cars need to be representative, as it is part of the overall picture she wants to give to her customers as a forward-looking, innovative, and quality organization. She is on the road a lot, and cars should never let her down but deliver the most optimal driving experience.

For ITpreneurs, we also see there are different users of our courseware. Not every of our training providers is looking to offer the same materials to their customers as not every learner is interested in the same program. Let’s look at the various choices we offer for ITIL 4:

ITpreneurs ITIL 4 Pro – eLearning / blended / classroom

Faruq would be a good representative of the ITpreneurs ITIL 4 Pro Edition of our courseware. If you choose between buying a car or renting a car, the benefits of renting must seriously outweigh the cost of ownership. This covers both financial aspects as well as functional aspects.

Functional – The Pro version of the ITpreneurs ITIL Foundation course is professionally built courseware. A team of 12 learning design specialists has built this product together with 4 leading ITIL experts and thought leaders. A process that was supported by over 100 contributors from all over the world. This course explains ITIL 4 at a Foundational level and enriches theory with great real-life examples and quizzes. A case study runs through the course to build a real-life connection. The courseware is supplemented with pre-course reading materials, a pre-assessment, and a quick reference card. All available in a classroom, blended and online variant.

Financial – We offer a pay-per-use model that is designed in such a way that it will always be more cost-effective to license our courseware against building it yourself. If you are delivering high volumes to the market, you can easily switch to a subscription model and have a fixed monthly fee with unlimited use.

In terms of owning a car, or renting a car – renting would allow you to drive a premium car at a lower cost than buying one. A proposition that Faruq enjoys every day when working with Axle car hire, and many training providers and corporations enjoy every day working with ITpreneurs.

ITpreneurs ITIL 4 Premium – eLearning / blended / classroom

Amalia would be a good prospect for the ITpreneurs ITIL 4 Premium Foundation course. The car she rents needs to make a wow-impression for her customers, as it represents her quality brand to the market. At the same, cars need to be convenient and loaded with a range of options to enhance the driving experience. Her team is on the road a lot, and she wants to give them every tool possible to make them succeed in their job.

The ITIL 4 Premium version of the ITpreneurs courseware sets the same high standards. This courseware delivers whatever it takes to achieve an ultimate learning experience for learners. It is the most premium version out there, including everything offered in Pro, plus a lot more. From additional content to practical guidance on how to use ITIL in the real world.

ITpreneurs ITIL 4 Select – eLearning / blended / classroom

Yoshi is a good example of a learner who is looking for results. She needs her car to work, and take her from A-B. The car does not need to have fancy features like assisted parking, wifi, or other features. The process needs to be convenient for her. We would recommend the ITIL Foundation Select version in this case. This course delivers results and prepares students optimally for taking the exam – the most effective learning solution we have available. We would probably recommend the video-based learning option, but 1-day blended combined with 8 hours of online learning could also work.

Meeting Your Needs

With three key delivery options (blended, classroom, eLearning) and three flavors of courseware (Pro, Premium, Select), ITpreneurs offers 9 different choices for ITIL training to the market. Depending on your organizational profile, and your learners’ interest, there is always an option that meets your needs. Connect and we will get you set up in no time.

Set Me Up for ITIL 4

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