DASA DevOps Coach Program Introduction

Date 11/03/2020
Duration 45 minutes
Host(s) Dimitri van den Broek (DASA) and Zafira van Berkel
Time 9:00 AM CET

Are you ready to tap into the new and fast-growing domain of DevOps Coaching? Would you like to offer your corporate customers one of the powerful and most strategic training programs in the market? Would you like to be seen as a first-mover focused on programs that accelerate digital and cultural transformation initiatives?

Join our DASA DevOps Coach Introduction Webinar.

The DevOps Coach has become critical in driving DevOps success and organizational performance as DevOps requires a cultural shift towards a new mindset, behaviors, and ways of working.

The DevOps Coach inspires teams and individuals with thought-provoking and creative processes. The core focus of the DASA DevOps Coach is on making teams more competent and help find meaning in what they do.

DevOps Coaches comprehend the essence of DevOps and how to coach teams in adopting DevOps principles or overcoming challenges. DASA DevOps Coaches are familiar with various coaching models and instruments and are able to apply the best model for the organization and people at any point in time.

ITpreneurs developed this program in partnership with the Master Coaches and DevOps expert from Yayato with experts from leading organizations like Adidas, ABN AMRO, Kairos, Wipro, TCS, Philips, CGI, Dutch Railways, ABB, Diageo, Iron Mountain, and Societe Generale. The program is based on the DASA Syllabus that was released in 2019.

Are you interested in learning more and how we can help you tap into the fast-growing DASA DevOps Coach training market? Sign up for our webinar!

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About the host

Dimitri van den Broek
Founding Member & Chief Evangelist at DASA

Dimitri is a well-connected entrepreneur in the IT Training, Coaching & Consulting domain who has built long-lasting and productive relationships with leaders in the Industry. Dimitri is a frequent speaker at DevOps Meetups and Conferences around the world. He enjoys talking about High-Performing (DevOps) Teams, DevOps Culture, The essential role of the DevOps Coach, DevOps Leadership, The importance of the DevOps Product Owner.

Dimitri is a founding partner and driving force behind the rapid global adoption of the “DevOps Agile Skills Association” (DASA) and “Cloud Credential Council” (CCC). Over the last 15 years, Dimitri started various companies from scratch and grew them to scale. Four of these companies were successfully spun off in the last five years.

Zafira van Berkel
Business Development Manager at ITpreneurs

Experienced and highly effective Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the online platforms and food & beverage industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, International Business, Communication, and International Relations. Strong professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused on International Business.

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