Future of ITpreneurs Learning Design: How Blending is the Future

Date 22/12/2021
Duration minutes
Host(s) Sukhbir Jasuja
Time 4 PM CET

The workplace is changing, and with it, so are the learning needs, behaviors, and buying patterns of learning managers. The great digital acceleration is upon us. In order to be well prepared to support this significant shift in learning trends, we are putting flexible, learner-centric, and job-relevant training as the key design principles for our new offerings.

With this direction, our learning products will become increasingly blended in order to empower organizations to adapt their skill development strategies to the talent needs of the digital workplace and continuous learning and to support upskilling and reskilling requirements created by transformations.

During this invite-only webinar, ITpreneurs CEO, Sukhbir Jasuja, will take you through the following topics, and demo using new products and platform:

  • New generation of learning experiences
  • Examples of newly designed blended learning experiences
  • An improved instructor experience
  • Flexibility to design and curate your own learning experiences

We are looking forward to this sharing session with you.

About the host

Sukhbir Jasuja
Co-Founder & CEO

Sukhbir has been in the Learning and Technology sector for the last 2 decades, and in this period has founded (and exited) several companies. His experience with successfully monetizing learning assets and experience building ventures help us to offer the world’s most exciting learning marketplace. You can catch Sukhbir doing conf calls while whizzing around Rotterdam on his road bike.

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