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How to grow you DASA DevOps Training Business (hands-on enablement session)

Date 27/03/2019
Duration 60 minutes
Host(s) Dimitri van den Broek

The objective of this Webinar is to help you generate more DASA DevOps business. More than 300 training partners are active and are serving learners in 49 countries. These organizations see increased demand for public courses and in-house training. What can you learn from the most successful Training partners? How did they develop a local DevOps Training market?  

With so many new things happening in and around DASA it’s important to keep up to date with the latest product features, sales tools and messaging. In this monthly DASA Enablement Webinar, we share practical approaches and key information. This session is crucial for Sales and Marketing Team members and important for Product Managers as well.

In the webinar you will learn:

  • How to position DASA DevOps Training? – Why do your customers need DASA DevOps training?
  • DASA’s unique view on DevOps Competence Development for individuals and teams
  • Overview of DASA’s core instruments: Competence Model, Competence Scan and DASA Certifications
  • Understanding the Promise of DevOps and the Need for New Skills
  • How to ready your organization to market, sell and deliver DASA courses?
  • Readying your Trainers, Marketing Department, and Sales Team
  • Available support from DASA and ITpreneurs: Marketing in a Box, Train the Trainer modules, RFP support, Marketing & Sales Support, Organizing DASA Meetups together
  • DASA’s Portfolio explained – what is the value and what makes it unique?
  • How to sell your first Class?
  • Recommended Delivery Options. What delivery methods you can offer your learners?

You will also learn and understand Unique Selling Points & Key differentiators.

Webinar Recording