How a Responsive Partnership Helped BusinessNow Become Early DevOps Adopters

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Taking the lead in training new solutions for the workforce of the future requires organizational courage and reliable partnerships. With ITpreneurs’ support, BusinessNow reaped the benefits of staying ahead of the curve.

Helping customers analyze and implement the full-service life cycle requires two key things. Wide experience and practical knowledge. Acknowledging this, the Nordic consultancy firm BusinessNow became a model example of customer-centric service. Originally founded in 2014 as a ServiceNow-focused tech company, BusinessNow has since then branched out to other technologies and delivered courses on a wide range of IT-related subjects.

IT Service Management Consultant Jakob Diness is at the helm of the process of setting the benchmark for excellence in BusinessNow’s Copenhagen office. As a Digital Business Advisor at BusinessNow, Jakob has focused above all on the first phases of projects. Namely, the roadmap and investigation processes. Adding this to his expertise in as varied frameworks as  ITIL®, PRINCE2®, and DevOps, he has greatly contributed to shaping the path of BusinessNow’s management side of consultancy.

It would be Jakob that would eventually run across ITpreneurs via a publication highlighting the value of its DASA DevOps courseware. By virtue of his extensive experience discussing the requirements of customers throughout the region, Jakob knew exactly what had the potential to work in the Nordic market. This was an opportunity that was begging to be explored.

Looking for the Best All-round DevOps Training Solution

Jakob was very much aware of the general buzz surrounding DevOps back when it first became acquainted with the DASA DevOps framework. BusinessNow was then looking towards exploring Project Management, and emerging methodologies, so the timing couldn’t have been better. While a number of other organizations made a move to focus on Agile, BusinessNow saw the opportunity to become an early DevOps adopter.

BusinessNow would eventually go ahead and become an ITpreneurs partner. Before doing so, there was an internal debate on the advantages of DASA’s solid presence in Europe and an assessment of the benefits of the learning style in the materials. Jakob still remembers what led BusinessNow to take things further: “We found in ITpreneurs the partner that would be better capable of supporting us as we became one of the first organizations to provide these services in Denmark. Embracing a nascent framework in an unaware market was a somewhat risky investment that demanded a high degree of confidence in the reliability of our partners”.

The Value of Uncomplicated Deliveries

Soon after, it became clear that one of the strengths of ITpreneurs’ offer was its usage of the EdCast Marketplace (previously known as Leapest) capabilities. This global B2B marketplace allowed BusinessNow to distribute its multiple coursewares with end-learners in a very straight-forward manner. “This platform was good from the get-go but I was very happy to see that it kept improving throughout time. There’s no doubt this made work far more convenient to BusinessNow’s administration”, adds Jakob.

The general difficulty of onboarding throughout the industry is a reality all too familiar. Facing ITpreneurs’ remarkably uncomplicated and easy to grasp entry barriers was for that reason, a pleasant surprise. This allowed very early on in the relationship for the expected bureaucracy to get out of the way. Once this was done, ITpreneurs and BusinessNow could discuss initiatives that truly drove value in the mid to long-term. BusinessNow has since then played an important role in the rise in the training of DevOps professionals across the Nordics.

Flexibility and Adaptability Remain Key in an Ever-Changing Industry

Even though DevOps is picking up some momentum in the Nordics, many large organizations still tend to train their own trainers. Adding to this, many small and medium-sized organizations are not as willing to be trailblazers. That’s why it became ever more important to exchange ideas and tactics with partners to address associated challenges. It is in this setting that ITpreneurs made a move to improve the flexibility of delivery formats even further. This proved to be an important decision so as to respond to the unprecedented increase in demand for online deliveries.

It has become crucial for materials to be suitable for both online and physical classroom deliveries. It’s not easy, after all, to anticipate which of the two deliveries will be in higher demand in a continuously changing environment. Mutually reinforcing resiliency to respond to unforeseeable events is just one of the many reasons why strong partnerships are needed. Only through open communication and ongoing feedback can two partners such as ITpreneurs and BusinessNow get the flexibility and adaptability needed to thrive. This is particularly important when both parts recognize that the road less traveled can sometimes yield better and more sound business results.

Click here to find out more about how ITpreneurs can transform your business and speak with an ITpreneurs sales representative. If you would like to know more about BusinessNow, feel free to connect with Jakob on LinkedIn.

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