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Want to Offer Software Testing Training to Your Customers?

Do you want to simplify how you run training courses on software testing? Use our powerful training materials, schedule exams, source instructors and deliver results.

You can help your clients improve risk management capability and reduce IT cost with this world-leading ISTQB® Software Testing training and certification portfolio available at ITpreneurs. Why license ISTQB courseware from ITpreneurs?

  • Materials are based on many years of experience with software testing.
  • Materials have been used to train thousands of software testers.
  • There are additional notes to support trainers.
  • You will find many practice exam questions throughout the course.
  • Learning games make the learning experience more fun.
  • All course materials accredited by ISTQB.
  • Train-the-Trainer programs are also available to help prepare your own trainers.
  • ITpreneurs trainers are also available to give expert delivery.
  • ISTQB® exams can be booked by ITpreneurs when you order the course materials.

With these comprehensive training materials, learners will achieve good pass rates – and you can deliver a first-class learning experience!

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Discover Our ISTQB Products

ITpreneurs offers a unique proposition to training companies and enterprises that enables these organizations to deliver ISTQB and related training courses internally or to their customers. We license course materials as well as provide instructors. In addition, we can prepare your instructors to deliver IT Best Practices training. On top of that, we facilitate the entire process ensuring smooth course organization and an optimal learning experience for participants.

ISTQB® Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst

ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Analyst

ISTQB® Foundation Extension Agile Tester

ISTQB® Software Testing Foundation

What Are the Benefits of Offering
ISTQB Courses?

  • Sourcing and retaining skilled software testers has become a challenge, which will become even more difficult as demand for these skills continues to exceed supply.
  • ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) training can be undertaken at any time during a project lifecycle, though the earlier the better in terms of the potential benefits to the project.
  • The modern demands for high-quality software systems, delivered within ever shorter timescales, make more effective software testing practices necessary and this, in turn, has emphasized the need for software testing skills and competencies.
  • The vast majority of IT training courses either ignore software testing skills or touch on it very briefly.
  • The ISTQB certification scheme provides much-needed skills and competencies based on the Testing Body of Knowledge that is defined and maintained by ISTQB.
  • ISTQB certification can provide a competitive advantage for companies. Consulting companies with certified staff can offer higher-level services to customers, increasing revenues and brand value.

Benefits of Working with ITpreneurs

Ready-to-use training materials means faster time to revenue. Offer relevant training to your clients: order accredited training materials, book exams, and drive results.


Innovative Solutions

We continue to innovate our portfolio. We offer blended learning programs, video-based learning as well as interactive learning tracks.



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Instructor Support

You get extensive guidance for instructors, ensuring optimal deliveries, every time. Don’t have an instructor? Use one of ours!


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Our printed books, ebooks, or printable books are branded with your logo and name. Your customers will log into your branded portal.

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You get various flavors of courseware, ensuring there always is an option that suits your needs.


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A flexible pay-per-use model for courseware, exams and instructors offers you full flexibility instantly.

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Ready-to-use training materials means faster time to revenue. Offer relevant training to your clients: order training materials, book exams and drive results. Interested to learn more? Fill out the form and we'll get in touch with you.