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What Others Say About Our Products and Services

  • The Foundation course is perfect for your career path. It teaches you the XBRL background and the importance for it's stakeholders. Don't hesitate and get certified!
    Michał Piechocki Member of IMA XBRL Advisory Committee, Member of XBRL Quality Review Team (IFRS Foundation), CEO of Business Reporting – Advisory Group
  • I am so very much grateful to you and your organization. It really warms me in knowing that there are organizations, such as yours, who still have a heart, and who know and understand their clients at the individual level, not just cold hard numbers. Thank you for being kind, thank you for being human. Blessings to you will follow.
    Online StudentProject Manager, Canada
  • I joined the TIPA Assessor Course because I conduct maturity assessments with our clients as part of my consulting activities. We needed an independent and repeatable method to measure the ITIL process maturity for our clients. TIPA delivers that. TIPA will be beneficial in our practice, and thanks to the Toolbox, we now have an out-of-the box solution. I liked the Training, especially the practical parts of it—it gives very good guidance on how to effectively utilize TIPA.
    Oliver BonkSenior Project Manager and Service Management Specialist, EXIGO S.A. Luxembourg
  • When I was considering joining this program, I was grappling with the following question, ‘Why does it seem that there are so many gaps between what companies know they should do, and what they actually do?’ This question has intrigued me for a very long time. Indeed, visions of past successes and failures suggest clearly that the key issue, when planning for the future, is to generate consensus on what the future will look like, then plan for success and make the change stick. Having gone through the program, I have learned how to deal with these types of issues more effectively
    Tariq ElsadikBIE Consulting, Dubai UAE
  • I like the KT Foundation course, because it offers a methodology that is precise and to the point. It gives you a different perspective on tackling problems. You can easily apply the KT methodology in IT organizations to grow beyond the “What” to the “How”, and achieve concrete results. This is a course that has strategic value to senior IT professionals looking to make the change stick.
    Maurice van den DriesscheSenior Solution Architect, easyITSM Europe B.V.
  • Having knowledge about the ITIL books, made me also want to know what Kepner-Tregoe (KT) could offer for solving problems. The KT Foundation course exceeded my expectations. I found it very interesting and the course gave me good tools and new approaches for solving problematic situations. The biggest benefit I see in adopting KT, is to be a pioneer on this subject in my country (Spain); to increase and improve the cross-knowledge we can give to our customers and to apply the concepts in the consultancy projects. I am very likely to find enterprises willing to be introduced to it. Finally, ITpreneurs is an excellent partner. I am looking forward to making use of the very professional “Marketing-in-a-box” they provided to support my promotional efforts.
    Ferran Martí TassierIT Governance Consultant at Artic Consultors​, Spain

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